Milet Summer School 2022

As part of the Milet excavation of the University of Hamburg, the DAAD-funded summer school “Praxis der archäologischen Bauaufnahme” took place between 08.08.2022 and 28.08.2022.


The summer school was planned and carried out in cooperation with the Berlin University of Applied Sciences (BHT – Department III – Civil Engineering and Geoinformation). It was financially supported by the DAAD funding programme “Sommerschulen im Ausland”.  The course was directed at archaeology and architecture students from Turkish universities.

The project was led by Prof. Dr Christof Berns, who, together with Dr Lisa Steinmann, was also responsible for the archaeological teaching content. On the side of BHT, Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Michael Breuer coordinated the photogrammetric teaching content with the participation of Dipl. Ing. Monika Lehmann and Dipl. Ing. Marko Koch. Duygu Göçmen, M.Sc., was responsible for the organisation of the summer school, the coordination between the participants as well as the teaching of the course content with a focus on manual measuring, drawing and surveying with Total Station. We’d like to share below a report which is composed by our three participant students.

First of all, it was exciting to know Miletus Summer School is starting since we all want to learn about documentation and how to work on an archaeological site, especially using many methods from traditional to technological methods. Therefore, it was a great chance for all of us to attend the summer school. Miletus Summer School, which brought together architecture and archeology students, gained us not only knowledge about documentation but also about how to work in the archaeological site in a 3-week period.

We learnt traditional manual measuring methods, total station, photogrammetry, 3D modeling and Reality Capture.

Traditional Manual Measuring

We started with hand drawings in the field. It was really important and helpful for us to understand the shape and geometry of objects which we have chosen. While we were drawing without using measurement tools, we learnt to measure with just by looking at the objects and deciding the proportions approximately. Also using traditional tools and deciding the best way to measure an object, developed our creativity.

Surveying with Total Station

We learnt how to set up and measure with the Leica TS06 and TS15. We worked in groups of 3 with Total Station.

Photogrammetry Basics for 3D Modeling

With theoretical photography lessons, we learnt how to set up and use a camera for photogrammetry.  Then we practiced it on the field with our instructors. They showed us how to take photos for a clear 3D model.

3D Modeling with Reality Capture

We learnt and tried to make 3D models with the Reality Capture programme with the photos we have taken, and we used the Total Station data for the correct measurements. We saw that taking large numbers of and clear photos provides more clear and realistic models.

Milet Summer School helped us to gain deeper knowledge on how to document an archeological site with traditional methods and using more contemporary methods. But most importantly, it learnt the workflow between the architects and archeologists, and how the people from two disciplines look and understand an archeological site. In addition to technical knowledge, it was exciting to meet people from different nationalities and to see their working styles and perspectives. Also, the academicians and students from Germany informed us well about how to study & live in Germany, which was really helpful for those who want to study in Germany. Overall, Milet Summer School is a nice opportunity for those who want to experience working on an archeological site, to work with people from different nationalities & disciplines, and to study in Germany in the future.

Bengisu Sağmaner – Nisa Bakmaz – Özlem Kaya


© Sağmaner – Bakmaz – Kaya

© Sağmaner – Bakmaz – Kaya

© Sağmaner – Bakmaz – Kaya

© Sağmaner – Bakmaz – Kaya


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