With the aim of providing information for studying, researching and respective funding opportunities in Germany, the DAAD Information Centre Ankara was founded in 2000. Last year, about 3,000 students and prospective students reached our information center by e-mail or telephone, or visited us personally to find out more about higher education in Germany.

With the awareness of the responsibility related to such an essential subject area we always try to offer our information and advices on a multifaceted basis, taking current developments in Germany into account.

Our Team

Ahmet Dalgıçoğlu

Ahmet Dalgıçoğlu was born in 1971 in Germany. He graduated in German Studies  at Hacettepe University in Ankara. Afterwards he worked as a German teacher at A.Ü. Tömer and the Goethe Institute Ankara for some time. Furthermore he worked as a free-lance tanslator and interpreter. Since 2000 he works  as a Study Consultant at the DAAD Information Centre in Ankara.

Meltem Denkçi Doğan

Meltem Denkçi Doğan was born in 1985 in Germany. After completing her Bachelor’s degree in German Studies and History at Friedrich-Alexander University, she obtained her master’s degree at the FernUniversität Hagen. Since 2015 she works as a Study Consultant at the DAAD Information Centre in Ankara.

Özge Meral Özden

Özge Meral Özden was born in 1992 in Switzerland. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Cultural Anthropology at University Lucerne. Afterwards she obtained her Double Master’s degree in Social Sciences from the Middle East Technical University and Humboldt University of Berlin. Since January 2020 she works at the DAAD Information Centre in Ankara.